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Changing the World of Building Management
In order to compete in the commercial real estate market, we at Transwestern knew we had to differentiate ourselves with innovative new services to attract clients. We turned to Cisco and the Internet of Everything to make it happen. We knew there had to be a better way. When our consultant, Stephen Lurie with Zones, mentioned converged networks, we had our answer.
At Transwestern and with the support of our building owner Metropolis Investment Holdings, we started with a vision to transform property management by automating processes from temperature control to work-order management, which could help to increase tenant satisfaction, lower energy costs and make more efficient use of staff time by speeding up response time to tenant requests.
Read the rest of the blog on the Internet of Everything Blog by Cisco.

Roger Vasquez serves as the director of engineering at Pennzoil Place in Houston, Texas. He pioneers innovative ways, such as the Internet of Everything, to elevate the service Transwestern provides to building owner clients and tenants.

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