Denver rent hikes won't be as high as they've risen in previous years, according to a new report.

Denver rents are expected to go up only 4 percent in 2016, according to a new report from Seattle online real estate company Zillow.

That compares with an 8.7 percent hike in rental costs in 2015, according to Zillow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics yesterday pegged the Denver area's rent 2015 rental cost rise at 7.2 percent.

With a 4 percent rise, Denver's rent increase in 2016 will be the fifth-highest of 35 U.S. markets tracked by Zillow. Larger 2016 hikes are expected in San Jose, California (7.8 percent), Buffalo, N.Y. (7.4 percent), San Francisco (5.9 percent), and Seattle (4.5 percent).



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