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Economic factors, demographic trends, and a shift in how and where students learn are causing educational institutions and the firms that invest in them to re-examine their real estate strategies. This means going far beyond fulfilling a school’s space requirements by considering the existing population, anticipating future needs, analyzing financial implications, exploring sustainable real estate solutions, and helping inspire learning through operational efficiencies and adaptable space configuration.

Transwestern’s Education Advisory Group possesses decades of experience working with educational institutions and is equipped to develop and implement strategies to address the most complex real estate challenges. Drawing upon local market expertise and dedicated in-house research capabilities, our professionals have assisted public and private universities, for-profit institutions, and vocational, professional and charter schools across the country. They know that flexibility is more important than ever, and work with clients to ensure real estate decisions are based on the most comprehensive view of industry trends and local market dynamics.




Thomas Savage
Robert Richards
Phil Utigard
William Briggs
Cece Conway
John Marquardt
Randy Garrett
Jo Thompson
Fort Worth
Leland Prowse
Los Angeles
JD DeRosa
New York
San Antonio
Russell Noll
Washington, DC
Christopher Dubberly
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