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What Our Clients Say About Us

John Mitchell
Vice President at LNR Partners, Inc

“In early 2012, I hired the Transwestern Multifamily Team to sell a 280–unit apartment community in Phoenix, Arizona. While they have performed analysis on the market and several apartment assets over the past year, this was the first listing we awarded to the Transwestern Team. The assignment came with some complications and caveats, but I was confident in their ability to clear these hurdles based on their insistence we could overcome the obstacles for this particular sale. The Transwestern Multifamily Team not only reached, but exceeded our expectations. They hit an “out of the park home run” with regard to achieving a lofty sales price and recommending a strong buyer for the deal. Their professionalism, quality of service and great attitudes make them among the best brokers I’ve had the chance to work with in Arizona.”

Danny Gabriel
President at ColRich

“ColRich has been involved in several successful transactions with the Transwestern Multifamily Team. The team is easy to work with and is extremely knowledgeable about the Phoenix market. They are one of only a few teams who when they call with a “good deal”, you listen! Their investment packages are thorough, and both provide tremendous assistance through not only the acquisition but also the post–closing process. Part of the Transwestern Team charm is being able to relate to both the institutional and smaller private investors. We look forward to working with them on many more successful transactions.”

Terry Bean
President at Bean Investment Real Estate

I’ve never met a team who worked harder for a client than the Multifamily Team at Transwestern. Their diligence in a sales transaction guarantees the maximum price for a seller’s assets, and more importantly, doing the absolute best job for a client is their top priority. They care about the clients they work for and stay involved not only through closing, but after closing as well. I would recommend their advisory services for any disposition assignment, and be able to sleep well at night knowing they have my back.”

Michael Thayer
President at PAM Real Estate Group 

“When the Transwestern Multifamily team brings an asset to market, clearly two things happen; 1) buyers want to work with them because they appreciate the genuine care that expresses itself in transparent communications and smooth transaction details, and 2) sellers benefit from their market knowledge with wise guidance. Sellers get the most favorable deep market exposure because when they call and ask qualified buyers to give a property a serious look – they will. This Team are straight shooters that go beyond what is expected because they genuinely care about people. The Transwestern Multifamily Team set themselves apart as the premier multifamily investment advisors in the marketplace, for sellers or buyers.

Andrew Van Tuyle
Director of Acquisitions at BH Properties, LLC

“Transwestern went out of their way to make sure that our transaction went smoothly for both the buyer and seller. The Team were consummate professionals throughout the diligence and closing period, and consistently checked in to see if there was anything they could do to assist. As a buyer it is important to have an offering memorandum that fairly portrays the property. Their assumptions were aggressive, but based on reasonable assumptions, so it allowed me to focus my time on other aspects of underwriting which translated to a shorter diligence period for the seller. Access to information was made simple with their online database of information, and their bid process was straightforward and concise. I would not hesitate to use Transwestern as a seller, and look forward to closing more deals with them soon.


Paul D Engler
Managing Director of Investments at Alliance Residential Company

"Throughout the execution of a recent transaction, the Transwestern Team brought a high level of personalized service and the utmost professionalism. They were not only incredibly responsive to every request made, but they were proactive in each step of the process.  As a buyer in a time sensitive transaction, immediate access to accurate information was crucial and the team did not fail to deliver at any point.  As with every transaction, challenges arose, but the Team met them head-on and always asked “How do we solve the problem and what can we do?” Simply put, they were very enjoyable to work with on a daily basis and we were not even their client!  We look forward to working with Transwestern again."
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