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Team accomplishments include:

  • ​Over 150 Transactions Closed​
  • $3 Billion Aggregate Value
  • 10 Million Square Feet Leased



DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE  |  7700 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA
670,000 SF, 15 year, $370 million TCV

CHALLENGE: Hired in late 2009 to backfill a 670,000 SF building being vacated entirely by Raytheon, our task was to market a dilapidated, 50-year-old asset to the Federal Government and convince them that the owners, a local family with a one building portfolio, could accomplish a full building renovation to bring the asset up to the stringent operating and security requirements of a federal headquarters agency.

RESULTS:  While the project team was preparing for a number of upcoming procurements, the preparation would quickly transition to execution with the very first procurement that the Transwestern Government Services brokers pursued:  A full building, 15 year lease for the Defense Health Headquarters.  To win the procurement, they would not only have to win the competition but also successfully lobby against a targeted Congressional inquiry and defend two full protests, one with the GAO and the other going all the way to the US Court of Federal Claims.  When the dust settled, they had secured the largest lease in the country under the 2005 BRAC Act, a full building backfill, the absolute minimum downtime, and a rate that was 4 times that of the vacating tenant.

HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES  |  5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD
936,000 SF, 15 Year, $450 million TCV

CHALLENGE:  Hired in 2008, the Transwestern Government Services professionals were faced with a very difficult assignment:  the owner of a 1.2 million SF building had been notified that their building had been determined to be "functionally obsolete" by their soon-to-be expiring full building tenant, the Department of Health and Human Services.

RESULTS:  First order of business was to assemble a team whose sole purpose was to completely change the perception of both the ownership and the asset, while strategically positioning the asset physically, economically and politically to be able to compete to keep a tenant who was not even considering remaining in place.  Over a four year process, Mr. Marcin negotiated both a 5 year extension of the current expiring lease and 15 year new lease that allowed HHS to stay in its current facility while the building was taken down to the frame and rebuilt from the inside out in to an efficient, Class A, secure facility with new skin and new systems.  This was done by employing a complex phased swing plan within the building where the agency moved internally once for the 5 year renewal and once for final occupancy into the new space.  While the source selection procurement left no margin for error schedule-wise, it turned into a public battle between opposing counties, enduring 13 separate protests, numerous Congressional hearings and a very public campaign in the press and on Capitol Hill to use the HHS housing requirement as a political ship to bring geographic parity to the DC Region.  Transwestern Government Services' efforts resulted in a 936,000 SF, 15 year, $450 million TCV lease.


UNITED STATES COAST GUARD  |  2100 2nd Street, SW, Washington, DC
592,000 SF, 10 Year Lease
CHALLENGE:  Hired to negotiate a renewal of the US Coast Guard's Headquarters, the team was faced with a potentially insurmountable challenge:  Congress had approved a Prospectus for three years at a rate of $30/SF - a deal which was far below the owner's goals for the recently purchased asset.
RESULTS:  Mr. Marcin brokered a 10 year bridge lease by working with the building owner to assemble a team of industry experts to provide GSA and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to the U.S. House of Representatives with enough market intelligence and scheduling analysis to enable Congress to amend the approved 3-year prospectus to bring the term, rate and square footage in line with a realistic timeline for what the USGC would need to move onto federal land, and also to provide a return consistent with the owners' goals for the asset.  At the time, Congress had never amended an approved prospectus for scheduling and economic reasons.  USCG has remained in their headquarters building uninterrupted with a 10 year lease term at a rate more than $7/SF more than originally approved by Congress.
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